Saturday, April 16, 2016

Drak Mountain Bike Park

After all these years, I finally made my first trip to Drak Bike Park with the Five-0 mountain bike gang. The park is situated in the Indonesian island of Batam, just a 45-minute ferry ride from the Harbourfront Ferry Terminal in Singapore. 

You can count on Boss Stewart Ong to take care of everything - from the moment you arrive at the Indonesian terminal through the special "VIP fast track" immigration, plus food, accommodation and logistics.

The trail is located at the Duriangkang water catchment reservoir. Durian Kang in Hokkien dialect means Durian River, shortened to "Drak".

Climbing the Super D trail with 14 tight switchbacks is hard work, especially in the steamy tropical 44° heat. Do 5 rounds of that and one would surely be ready for a massive lunch in the jungle.

Jungle lunch break with the Five-0s.