Sunday, January 16, 2011

Singapore Windsurfing

The North-East Monsoon is here ... well, sort of. It has been a wet December and January, the winds are ok but not that consistent. Although I did get caught out in a classic NE wind 3 weeks ago in my full Formula rig (ie. 10 sqm sail, 1 metre wide board, 70 cm fin). I felt like the veins in my neck were going to burst at any moment, as I hung on for dear life. Not pleasant, but always cool when reflecting on the sailing heroics back on land.

Today was a nice windsurfing day. I was initially on the Formula, but quickly made a u-turn back the the club to down-size to my slalom rig. I think the wind was around 12 - 14 knots, but the gusts were too strong. I was all set to race in the Singapore Open Asian Windsurfing Championship today, but did not manage to because of a missing sail and a bruised/fractured rib cage. So I had a leisurely sail instead, whilst observing the race.

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