Sunday, February 12, 2012

Nusa Iskandar MTB Adventure Ride 2012

I had a great day with my Singapore Five-0 mates at the 60 km Nusa Iskandar MTB Adventure Ride 2012 in Gelang Patah, Johor. There were well over a thousand participants with a significant contingent from Singapore.

The previous year's event was well organised and this year was even better. The support at the water stops was like clock work and the trail all rideable.

The Super Downhill at the beginning was brilliant and lots of fun. My Stumpy 29er hardtail was almost perfect, except for the rough and fast hard-packed plantation fire roads which was harsh without rear suspension. I got lost twice but found my way back into the groove quickly.

The combination of Hammer Endurolytes, Gels, Perpetuem Solids, a couple of bananas and a bottle of water consumed religiously every hour ensured that I was properly nourished and hydrated, no cramps despite the oppressive heat.

I arrived at the finish line at 12 noon in 24th position and 3:31 hours, quite happy with my performance. A quick wash of the bike, a pleasant drive home to Singapore and I ended at the massage table for a well-earned 90 minute rub down. Bliss!

Stephen & TC from the Five-0

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