Monday, June 7, 2010

Whistler Downhill Adventure

We had our family vacation in Vancouver and Whistler, and here's some videos of my epic rides in the Whistler Mountain Bike Park.

Video 1 - This is the inaugural ride in Whistler. I stuck out like a blinking neon light with my tight cross-country bib shorts, top and Sidi shoes. But what an awesome day!

Video 2 - Snippets of Ninja Cougar, one of my favourite trails. The handle mounted video is not so good on rough trails, hence the shakes and judders. I will have to figure out how to mount the Flip Video on the full-face helmet. And oh, I succumbed to juvenile peer pressure and got some proper downhill shorts. The stares from the fashion police were just too intense ...

Video 3 - My joints and muscle sure took a heavy beating, and I am slightly limping because of my ankle ... but what an experience! Couldn't figure out how to attach the Flip Video on to the full face helmet, so I mounted it on my Camelbak chest strap instead.