Saturday, August 6, 2011

Whistler Mountain Bike Adventures, Snow and A Broken Ankle

By sheer coincidence, my company organised an off-site meeting in Whistler, the same venue as our family vacation last year. But who am I to complain :-)

On the first couple of days, I joined Richie Schley's Mountain Bike Adventures to refine my downhill skills on a Kona Stinky, and so reacquainted with my favourite trails Crank It Up and A-Line.

And an adventure it was with riding (sliding!) in snow, awesome views and a broken ankle by one of the riders, faithfully captured on video.

Then I rented a Specialized Enduro from the friendly folks at Cross Country Connection and did some nice cardio climbs and technical cross country trails with Alex Relf from the Four Seasons.


Louise said...

Cool video CS. What a piece of luck about the off-site - way to go :-)

PaTFitz said...

Great stuff CS, you've had a good couple of months riding, I bet your flying on the Sing single track now!