Sunday, August 28, 2011

Windsurf Candlestick Park

After a week at HQ in Sunnyvale, I made a detour for some windsurfing with my colleague Tunc Kirli. We planned to sail at Coyote Point and I rented a wet suit from Boardsports.

After surveying the conditions, we decided to drive a short distance and sailed at Candlestick Park instead, home of the San Francisco 49ers NFL team.

The wind averaged 20 knots, quite manageable with the 5.4 m2 sail and 125 litre slalom board that Tunc brought for me. Although it was summer, the temperature was unusually chilly all week and so the wetsuit was a real saviour.

Unfortunately, I should have brought a pair of booties too as I got quite a few cuts from the rocky beach. Nevertheless, the overall sailing condition was very pleasant - constant wind, flat water and sunshine all afternoon.

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